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Lisbon, Portugal · Engineering


Drover is a VC-backed, growth-stage marketplace company offering monthly, all-in car subscriptions to customers who want to experience car ownership as it should be: digital, flexible and at a fair, transparent price. For some more detail, check out our press coverage in TechCrunch, Forbes or CityAM.

We want to build ever more extraordinary digital experiences for our users and we need your help: come on board and join our 20-strong engineering team spread across London and Lisbon busy changing the automotive landscape.

Our Engineering Team & Culture

How we work

We thought you may be curious about our ways of working:

Some of the technologies we use:

We currently use Ruby on Rails on the backend and Javascript (React.js, Redux.js, ES6, Webpack) on the frontend. Some of the services we use are Redis, ElasticSearch and our primary datastore is Postgres. We are also exploring Elixir.

Where we want to go:

We want to build a robust architecture with a focus on flexibility and resilience. We are exploring various ways to gather and report on user experience in an effort to drive product features within each team.

How we interview

Our tech hiring process is simple and fast. It starts with a phone call where we learn about each other, followed by a take-home challenge. If you do well, we will invite you to meet us in person. Your interview will be centred around a follow-on discussion of your test and we’ll also look for evidence of strong communication and team skills. We promise no brain teasers! You’ll meet ~4 people incl. engineering leaders, fellow individual contributors and product managers. We will aim to get back to you the day or two after your interview with a final answer.

Our Company Culture

When you ask a Droverian what they love most about working here, their answer will likely be “the people.” We are very proud of the amazing team we have assembled across London and Lisbon. The following should give you an idea about what kind of internal culture you’d be joining:


We are looking for backend engineers to work in our product teams. You will work, with your team-mates, to ensure that our systems, infrastructure, deployment pipelines, etc. maximise the business value they deliver. You will help to ensure that our architecture offers great performance and a modern, and fun coding environment for our developers..

Experience of working with AWS, Terraform (or equivalent), ElasticSearch, CDNs, deployment pipelines, or Elixir is beneficial. You should be an advocate for writing clean, well-tested code and a strong communicator within the technical and wider business teams.


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